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For any business, to be sustainable it has to be profitable

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Replica Handbags You would need substantial changes to the Law to tackle this problem, and that would require a Democratic consensus (2/3rds parliamentary majority) to get approved, and consensus simply does not exist.Since high end replica bags the productivity index is calculated though a company declared income, and corporate tax evasion is rampant, this skews the average productivity index of the Portuguese worker to some of the lowest values in Europe, a fact that is then used by both outside observes (IMF, WTO and the EU) replica bags china and by the business owners to justify low wages. Paradoxically, this notion stands in stark contrast to the stellar reputation garnered by the Portuguese emigrant communities living and working abroad, in Europe and the US, which are often praised as having an impeccable work ethic. But somehow, whenever the subject being discussed is the “low productivity” of the Portuguese worker, these assessments get “mysteriously” swept under the rug, and nobody designer replica luggage ever brings them up.When I say that tax evasion is rampant, just to give you a frame of reference, it not uncommon for companies to operate for over 20 or 30 years without declaring significant profits, because replica bags online corporate taxes are calculated in as a function of a company declared profits Replica Handbags.